Himalayan High Passes

Himalayan Expeditions (HimEX) are made up of thrilling adventures through the high Himalayan & Alpine Passes ranging from the far west to the eastern Himalayas. Grand paramount trekking over the high Himalayan passes are for both moderate enthusiasts and extreme adventurers. They give you a high Himalayan sneak and also a chance to fulfill your adrenaline dreams of a lifetime. This is the most incredible traverse adventure leading towards fascinating high valleys and to the arctic landscapes. We have set this unparalleled trek to let you feel the true mountaineering spirits. All these passes include ridges above 4,800 to 5,500 meters high, traversing through rugged path and descending to the other end which offers different views. The landscape changes as the adventure continues till the last destination for the drive or flight back to Kathmandu. These trips can range from adventurous to challenging in snowy conditions and one has to be physically fit and in sound health to enjoy these High Himalayan passes with us. With extreme adventure for you to take delight in, these are the high passes to choose from. Read More

Himalayan High Passes Packages

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