How to Book

Once you have chosen a trip that you are interested in, if the dates, trip grades, prices etc are all right with you, you can place a booking for that particular trip either online through our website or send us an email with all details. Before placing the booking, please make sure that this could be the right trip for you and also go through the terms and conditions.

You can always call or write to us to clarify any query you have to satisfy yourself before booking the trip.

Booking Conditions:

Receiving a booking along with booking deposit from you is understood that you have read and understood the Booking Terms & Conditions.

  1. While booking a trip, please understand that most of our trips are adventure trips and such trips require flexibility. The day by day itinerary as shown in the website or in any of our promotional materials are taken as guideline only.
  2. Once you have chosen the trip, we send you our invoice along with Bank details and once you have paid the deposit, it is understood that there will be contract between you and HimEX for that particular trip.
  3. To secure you booking, a non refundable deposit of 20% of the total trip cost is required. Balance amount should be sent to us at least 2 weeks before your arrival or you can even bring Cash Dollars with you and which should be paid on arrival.
  4. Payment can be made either by Bank Transfer or by Credit Card (Visa or Master Card).
  5. If you want to make payment by Credit Card, you will need to fill out the Credit Card Payment Form. Please send us the filled out form via email or fax. Your Credit Card is handled and charged by Alpine Credit Card Services on behalf of Himalaya Expeditions. Instruction of payment are given in the Credit Card Payment Form. Please note that there is additional service charge of 3.75% to the total amount, so while making payment, please add 3.75% surcharge of the cost you are paying by Credit Card.
  6. If you wish to make payment by Wire / Bank Transfer, we will send you the bank details at the time of booking. Please note that you need to pay applicable bank charges at your end.
  7. Final payment should reach to us at least two weeks before your arrival. Again it can be paid by Credit Card or Wire Transfer as above procedure. Himalaya Expeditions shall not be held responsible for not operating the trip i.e. holding back client if the final payment didn’t arrive timely.
  8. Once the trip is booked and if one wants to cancel the trip due any reason after full payment of the trip, following cancellation charges will apply:

    a. One month before the trip: 30% of the trip cost
    b. 15 days before the trip: 50% of the trip cost
    c. 7 days before the trip: 75% of the trip cost
    d. Less than 7 days of the trip: 100% of the trip cost

    No refund will be entertained for those who leave the trip due sickness, injury or any other reason leaving the main group behind. No refund will be given for any unused service. You will need to pay for your own meals and accommodation and any other possible charges after leaving the main party.
  9. However if we decide to cancel any of our trips because of unforeseen circumstances such as natural disasters, strike, flood, riots, spread diseases etc, we will refund the full trip cost that has been paid to us. But we should not held responsible for any other trip related expenses such as booking of international flights, visa, insurance, vaccinations etc. We are only liable to payment made to us.