Frequently Asked Questions

As we have given most of the information on the website, brochure, leaflets, however, in every trip a new problem, like new changes in regulation by the respective Government, health or weather and road conditions can arise. Keeping in mind from all of our valued clients remarks and suggestion, we have come with more information, to make our clients at ease once booked with us and as well to give them the best of the best of our service so that our clients will always remember to use our services.

Q: How fit should I be for the chosen trip?
A: As per the chosen trip and our grading system please refer to the trip grading as most of our trips are flexible for any physical fit and healthy person.

Q: What are the age factors for this kind of trip?
A: The age factor depends upon the trekking that you would like to choose or have chosen for moderate and leisure trips. Children from 5 to 75 years old with sound health can book our Himalayan trips. As for adventurous trips one should be more outdoor types in good physical conditions with your doctor's advice as per your age and the trip that you choose.

Q: What kind of medical check-up should I go for?
A: General medical check-up should suffice in any types of our trips, but under certain circumstances it is better to console your doctors as well and must have health and travel insurance.

Q: How many hours of exercise should I go, for after booking this trip?
A: Please refer to our grading system have mentioned the types of physical fitness required as per the trip that you choose.

Q: I am a vegetarian, does this annoys other people in the group and to the camping kitchen and cook?
A: As people are turning into vegetarian meals at present, so it should not be a big problem to us and neither to other fellow members in the group. Please inform your diet restriction while booking the trip in order to plan accordingly.

Q: I am physically fit, but I have fear traveling with other people and in strange countries like Nepal & Tibet, what do you suggest?
A: Nothing to fear about, your trek leader and guide will accompany you even though if you do not like to mix with other people, but in this kind of trips everyone will be friendly and some might have problem like you, holiday in Nepal and the Himalaya is all about making new friends anyway.

Q: I have gone through my normal medical checkup and got ok from my doc, but still I am not sure of this trip because of my faint heart problem any suggestion?
A: In some of the trips we have this queries and person with this problem have traveled with us, but it won't be a big problem as your doctors will prescribe the medication respectively and the trip that you choose must not be more than two weeks and not above 4000 to 5,000 meters. Our trek leaders and guides will there to lend a hand if problem arise and a must with health-insurance in case of emergency and evacuation by any means of transport.

Q: Is language barrier a big problem, because I can only speak my native tongue and little knowledge in understanding in English?
A: In this type of trip knowledge is not a big problem but would be a little help for you and us, nevertheless we will try our best to communicate with you and a phrase book would be handy to you while traveling in foreign land.

Q: What happens if someone gets very sick and has to be evacuated immediately?
A: We had these circumstances quite often specially in high altitude trekking Helicopter rescue would be the best and efficient way of evacuation to the nearest city hospital, in case the weather gets bad for Heli, we transfer the victims to the nearest medical post or hospital with proper care and attentions, so Heli rescue / medical and travel insurance is a must.

Q: How much money should I carry for this trip after having included all in the trip package?
A: As everything is included in the trip package as per the trips chosen, depending upon the area of trekking and tour, we suggest as per our given information amount of US$ 300 per person, this cost should cover your daily needs such as buying light drinks, souvenir and if you appreciate the service of our staffs-guides and leaders save at least US$ 50-70 for kitty money for tipping or gratitude and if you are beer drinker carry some extra more to this given amount.

Q: I am physically fit, but I am a diabetic patient as well, which troubles quite often, any suggestion?
A: Very common we had diabetic clients in some trips as long you carry your personal medication prescribed by your doctors it will be all right and please mention on booking your medical history and dietary, so we will take care respectively as per your request.

Q: What are the measures that you can take for an old person, but physically fit, on this kind of trip?
A: Old is above 65 years of age in any types of trips that we offer, yes any age above from 60 onwards can take part in our adventure program but should not go over 14 days or two weeks of the chosen trips and as per the grading system that we have, for your age moderate to adventurous would be perfect of two weeks duration.