Entry Visa and Passport

As for Visa is concerned if you require Entry Visa for Nepal, you can either apply it before your arrival at Nepalese Embassies or Consulate Offices close to your place.  You can also obtain Nepal Entry Visa upon arrival at Kathmandu Airport. Please make sure that you have at least 2 passport size photographs and change Visa fee handy. According to your trip dates, you can obtain the right visa for Nepal. 15 days Multiple Entry visa will cost US$ 25, 30 days Multiple Visa will cost US$ 40 and 90 day Multiple Entry visa will cost US$ 100.

For Tibet and Bhutan Trips, we will help you obtaining the visa right from here. For Tibet you need to send us scanned copy of your passport along with details in advance and we will apply for visa approval from Tibet. Once you are in Kathmandu, we will then apply the visa at Chinese Embassy with your original passport and passport size photographs. Tibet Visa will be a Group visa in a piece of paper be it for a single person or bigger groups. We can obtain the visa in a single day in normal circumstance by paying emergency fees.

Similarly for Bhutan, you will need to send us the passport copy as well as passport size photograph by email and we will apply for visa in advance. We will give you visa approval copy once you are here, which you will need to submit at Paro Airport immigration to get the visa.

For India, most of the nationals should obtain the visa in advance through Indian Embassy or Consulate Offices. So please contact nearest Embassy or Consulate Office to apply and obtain the visa well before your trip starts.  

You should carry a passport with visa for respective countries that you are visiting with a validity of minimum 6 months.