Right trip as per your Interest

Much depends on the trip you choose. We have tried to categorize trips as per its nature, which will help you to choose the right trip as per your interest – be it Treks & Walks, Cultural Tours, Biking, Family Holidays, Climbing, Bird Watching, School Holidays, Photography, Exploratory, Multi Adventure or Events.

If you are looking for trekking or walking holidays, some trips require long walks while others may need only short ones every day to reach your destination for the day. But generally the pace is moderate and designed not to tire you out. All it requires of you is good health and moderate fitness. We start early every morning and in the night rest in comfortable accommodations. To really enjoy a trek in the Himalayas, your level of fitness naturally makes a big difference. Imagine yourself high on a mountain trail and you are so tired, you only wish you could lie down. That's not the scenario you have in mind. Fitness counts; the fitter you are, the more you are going to enjoy whatever adventure you set out for. On long treks it is preferable to have previous camping and hill-walking experience, but it is not an absolute necessity. One good way to prepare for a Himalayan trek is to do a lot of walking on hilly terrain. That means walking up and down for long periods. Besides walking, you could get fit by cycling, jogging, swimming or taking to aerobics. If you have plans to trek above 3000m, it is advisable to have a medical check up before leaving home. Apart from the trip that we have lined we can organize a private tailor made trip as per your liking and holiday durations.

Beside above mentioned information it is best to choose the grading standard and the types of treks and tour as per your physical and holiday durations.