kathmandu, pokhara, chitwan & koshi tappu

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  • Nepal is an interesting destination to observe birds in its natural habitat, from the mid hills valleys all the way to the flat lands of Terai. This trip allows you to see the mid hill birds: over 450 species of exotic birds at Chitwan and a visit to the sanctuary at Koshi Tappu to view 20 species of Ducks, two species of Ibises, many Stroks, Egrets, Herons and the endangered Swamp Partridge and Bengal Florican. Koshi Tappu is a sanctuary for migratory birds. These birds fly all the way from Siberia in winter and many birds that arrive here are nowhere else seen in Nepal, makes this reserve birdwatchers’ paradise in its true sense. It is also an important staging point for migrating wildfowl and waders