everest expedition (north side)

  • 55 days

  • Kathmandu/Kathmandu

  • Moderate To Strenous

  • people

After 3 day, we drive you towards Nepal-Tibet border up to the Friendship Bridge through Arnico Highway, where the Chinese liaison officer and Chinese transportation keep waiting us there. The expedition gears are taken by truck and we drive you by Land cruiser 4WD to Zhangmu, which is first city of Tibet to entrance.

Next day we drive to Tingri (4350m) where we spend further two nights acclimatizing. Then we drive Tingri to Base camp 5200m along the rough way with jerking & bouncing through the grassy plain way which leads you till to the Everest Base Camp; and it is called the Chinese base camp as well.

We set up our camp at Chinese Base Camp and stay two nights or more and it depends on our members feeling.

We also make schedules of the yaks by that time. Base camp and advance base camp fixed at the different places are kept there permanently until finishing the whole expedition. Now 2 days walk towards the ABC starts from here.

After walking 2 days, we reach to ABC 6400m along with the Yaks. From ABC, the route goes to the east Rongbuk (Everest Base) glacier and after that there is an easy snow slopes to the North Col at 7000m. Where camp 1 is situated on snow.

After that there is a long reasonably angled snow slopes to climb 7400m. Where we should put camp 2 on snow, the route from Camp 2 to camp 3 is the series of the rocks, which is a little bit difficult. But again there is a very easy terrain to walk ahead to set up camp 3, This camp 3 is at the height of 7900m on the rock.

The route again goes through a series of rocky climbs, and then there is a median angled snow slopes where we have to climb on mixed rocks and snow until we reach camp 4 at 8400m. Now this camp is on the rock but sometime ago, it was covered by snow. To reach there, we have to fix the ropes on climbing but there are safety lines, this route is mostly very windy especially between Camp 2 to camp 3

Camp 4 is the last camp for Everest summit from North East Ridge . Now the route is mixed with rocks and snow steps. This step is quite steep in many places so you require very considerable care for yourself, to your clothingand oxygen equipments.

After that route with large boulder where we should use ladder to climb ahead, Again after that section of theroute, we should fix the rope. Above these steps, the route is relatively easy with gentle ground until we reach at the third steps. Now to go head it is not the series of ridge as the previous steps but we should use the fixed rope to the Col before the final summit of snow slopes.


  • Day 55
    Final Departure
  • Day 54
  • Day 53
    Drive Zhangmu to Kathmandu.
  • Day 52
    Drive to Zhangmu
  • Day 51
    ABC - Base Camp
  • Day 14-50
    Climbing Period of Everest 8848m. [ 53 Day ]
  • Day 13
    Middle Camp - Advance Base Camp of Everest 6400m.
  • Day 12
    Chinese Base Camp to Middle Camp,
  • Day 11
    Chinese Base Camp
  • Day 10
    Chinese Base Camp 5400m.
  • Day 9
    Drive Chinese Base Camp,
  • Day 8
    Rest Day for Acclimatized
  • Day 7
    Drive to Tingri
  • Day 6
    Rest Day for Acclimatized
  • Day 5
    Drive to Naylam,
  • Day 4
    Drive Zhangmu,
  • Day
  • Day 1
    Arrive Kathmandu & transfer hotel


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