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Four Reincarnations of Lord Bishnu

Shesh Narayan

Shesh Narayan an oldest among many temples of Nepal, built by King Haridutta Varma of ancient Lichavi period.Shesh Narayan

Shesh Narayan Temple, dedicated to Lord Narayan (aka Bishnu) one of his many reincarnations.

This temple located near Dakshinkali, southwest of Kathmandu valley, at Pharping area, Shesh Narayan temple stands beneath a big hill cliff, this temple visited by thousands of people throughout the year, other interesting part of this temple premises a clear fresh water pond with fishes, and a sculpture of Lord Ganesh and Lord Hanuman.

A popular place for pilgrimage offering prayer to the Lord Vsihnu /  Shesh Nayarayan with other Hindu and Buddhist deities.

Ichangu Narayan

Another reincarnation of Lord Narayan is Ichangu Narayan situated three kilometers, Northwest of Kathmandu valley and from Swayambhunath Temple. Ichangu Narayan
The temple can be seen from Swayambhunath a small part of it.

Built with two floors pagoda style architecture, the temple was constructed in 1200 A.D. This temple, famous for its beautiful location and this is a god’s of power fulfilling wishes.

Sculpture of Garuda and other Vaishnavite symbols, makes this temple a wonderful place with phenomenal carving and creatively built temples and statues. This temple is worth for a half or a day trip. The greenery, forest and villages of this nice place are the other main attraction and to stay here for a while reaching this by hike or on drive.

Changu Narayan

Most famous among four Narayan temples, Changu Narayan, situated outskirt and above from the medieval and traditional Newar city of Bhaktapur,
a Hindu templededicated to Lord Vishnu or Narayan whicChangu Narayanh is 8 km east from Kathmandu city area.

Temple was built around 325 A.D. during Licheva period dedicated to Lord Narayan.

Visitors are fascinated for its fine intricate wood and metal craved arts, architecture and amazing construction of this ancient temple.

The surroundings area of the temple premises lines with traditional and typical Nepalese style houses near the Manahara river, which flows near by the hill making this place a charming with its serene, ambiance surrounding.

Bishankhu Narayan

Surrounded by thick forest, around 10 km away from Sidhhipur, Lalitpur, lies the temple of Lord Bishankhu Narayan. Thousands of people visit this place every year. Especially on auspicious time as per Hindu Luna calendar, a big festival and celebration takes place at Tihar with thousands of devotees and pilgrims.

The sculpture of God is inside the cave. The small cave makes theBishankhu Narayan temple interesting, splendid view of Kathmandu valley from this place.

A great and delightful opportunity for Photographers to capture nature at its best and a chance to observe different types of trees and vegetations, this place is abundant with fresh water from its natural springs  a place with immense farming raising buffaloes and cows for milk which is one of the main product of this area.  The villagers are very depended on farming and breeding animals for its rich milks to supply around Kathmandu.