Nepal – Kathmandu- a day hike to……………..

Namo-Budhha, a holy religious place for Buddhist and Hindus located at serene environment surrounded in cool shade of tall pines and rhododendron trees with awesome Himalayan peak scenario, which is just a mere distance of 40 kilometer from Kathmandu valley to reach at ThranguTashi & Yangtse Gompa area.

Thrangu Tashi Yagtse Gonpa

The Gompa:

In this magnificent area of Namo –Buddha visit several monasteries and monuments, some with history dating back to bygone times and observe the monks on prayer and chanting with deep aroma of juniper and dry azalea plants incense, the monasteries with ancient valuable artifacts, statue of various Buddha and Bodhisattva, with religious paintings, tapestry and frescos on walls.

Thrangu Tashi Yangtse

Buddha’s Sayings:

Gautama Buddha was a super and supreme human being making a new revolutionary in the world of materialistic, greed and hunger for power, he wanted to change all things into simple basic life, the cause of pain and unhappiness, disturbance in life is purely unfolded by the sayings of Lord Buddha.

May all beings always have happiness and its causes,
May all beings always be free of pain and its causes,
May all beings always be pain free and live happily,
May all beings never cling to those close nor hate those far.

“To liberate from passions and to be in peace, this is the truly a wonderful path to simple living.”  When Siddhartha Gautama was deep in thoughts and Meditation, he found the Wheel of life in his own Dharma, which consists of Four Noble Truths:

  1. Life is suffering.
  2. Ignorance is the cause of Suffering.
  3. The Cessation of Suffering which is the goal of life as it                         transcends pains and pleasure.
  4. The Way to Cessation of Suffering is the Noble Eight fold Path         which consists of: Right Understanding.

(a). Right Thoughts (b). Right Speech (c.) Right Action (d). Right (e). Livelihood (f). Right Effort  (g). Right Mindfulness (h). Right (i). Concentration.

Gautam Buddha

The Story:

One of the unsurpassable supreme sacred sites known as the Three Stupas in Nepal is Tagmo Lüjin “The place where the future Buddha sacrificed his body to a tigress”. It is the very sacred place where our teachers, the perfect and supreme Buddha-at that time still on the path of learning-offered his own body without regret to a tigress suffering from great hunger. What follows is a history of this supreme and distinguished sacred site, whose location is unmistaken based on the clear identification given in the Sutra Requested by the Tigress and so forth.

Feeding Tiger

The above picture and imprint on a wall depicts the supreme offering his own flesh to hungry tigress, with his super natural tolerance, passions towards all living beings.


 The Sculptures, shows Buddha the supreme and enlighten ones in a cave showing his deep love and concern over the hungry and helpless animals.

Photos by: Manju Maharjan