Nepal has suffered Rs. 43 Billion loss in tourism sector

The Great Quake of April 25 and the following aftershocks have caused an estimated damage of around Rs 43 billion to the Tourism sector.

According to a report made public by the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation on Sunday, the devastating earthquake damaged infrastructures including hotels, home stay, tour operators, Gumba (Stupas), temples, mosques, trekking routes, mountaineering sector and historical sites worth of Rs 43,990,500,996.

The Ministry tabled the report at the meeting of International Relations and Labour Committee of the Legislature-Parliament on Sunday. Of the total 1,559 hotels damaged in the earthquake, 367 hotels were damaged in Rasuwa district alone while 300 hotels based in Kathmandu suffered damages.

Hotels based in Kavre and Lalitpur districts have sustained less damage among the 10 districts hit hardest by the earthquake. Only 50 hotels in these two districts have been damaged. The report states that the estimated damage to the hotels amounts to

Likewise, 344 home stay centres were damaged with an estimated loss of Rs 17.2 million.

Similarly, tour operators, who are yet to resume services, have suffered losses of Rs 19,897,298 after the great quake. Trekking agencies have reported an estimated loss of Rs 3,512,448 between the months of May-September.

The ministry report states that 1,500 gumbas, temples and mosques also suffered damages worth Rs 120 million during the April 25 quake. Likewise, around 155 km trekking routes have been completely damaged while 242 km routes have been partially damaged.

The report has estimated a loss of around Rs 10 million in mountaineering sector, while the damages to historical sites have caused a loss of Rs 70.5 million.