Damage by earthquake to Nepalese tourism industry

KATHMANDU, May 3: Altogether 57 tourists died and 109 others are missing after the massive earthquake jolted Nepal on Saturday, said Nepal Police.

According to data released by Tourist Police Unit of Nepal Police on Sunday evening, altogether 109 tourists were injured in the magnitude 7.8 earthquake.

The foreigners killed during the earthquake include 40 Indian, four Americans, three Chinese, three French, two Italians and one each from Australia, Estonia, Japan, Hong Kong and Spain.

Foreigners Victims in Earthquake

The Tourist Police Unit said 109 other foreign tourists are confirmed missing so far in Nepal after the massive earthquake on Saturday. According to the details received, they include 15 French, 12 Russians, 10 Canadians, nine Americans, eight each Indians and Spanish, seven Germans and four Bangladeshis.

Australians, Austrians, Swedish, Turkish, South Africans, Indonesians, Germans, Malaysians, Chileans, Polish and Israelis are among those missing tourists in Nepal after the earthquake. Nepal Police has mobilized its Central Bureau of Investigation to trace the missing tourists.

Likewise, altogether 52 tourists were injured during the earthquakes. They include 10 Indians, nine Chinese, six French, five Italians, four Germans, four Australians, and two Americans and two Dutch. Canadian, Danish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Turkish, Swedish and Spanish are among tourists injured in the earthquake.

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