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Why Every Woman requirements a to herself weekend

Unlike most kiddos that are college-aged my places had been never ever set on studying abroad. We never dabbled because of the notion of taking time down to backpack around Europe or execute a space 12 months in Asia discover my zen. Alternatively, I became that overly high-strung personality that is type-A started saving to move to ny from new york from age 15, worked overtime to graduate early from university making the 800-mile journey sans work or apartment. We knew where i desired to create my entire life and that I wanted to be always a journalist, and so I didn’t look at a passport since necessary as my metro card.

We remained regarding the straight-and-narrow course to become a recognised writer until an emotionally traumatic breakup with a man 8 years my senior tossed me for a loop. I experienced been residing in ny just for over 2 yrs, and even though every thing ended up being nevertheless glimmering with hope and possibility, my heart ended up being broken from many failed claims. Continue reading Why Every Woman requirements a to herself weekend