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In Media Res

Curator’s Note

David Fincheris the myspace and facebook (2010) informs a tale for the delivery associated with the social media marketing industry, exposing the labor behind the tradition of electronic involvement. Fittingly, it really is a narrative this is certainly enthusiastic about identification, especially course identification but equally racial and identity that is ethnic. The social networking can be high in Asian ladies, an undeniable fact that’s been noted by Roger Ebert, one of several few movie experts who are able to be counted on to see folks of color in popular cinema, in both their existence and their lack. In their Chicago Sun-Times review Ebert notes exactly how puzzling it’s that the movie depicts Asian women therefore promiscuously both in feeling of the word–Christy and Alice, played by Brenda Song and Malese Jow, are depicted as intimately aggressive, approaching Mark and Eduardo within a lecture, asking them away for a glass or two, and in the end doing fellatio on Mark and Eduardo in adjoining stalls in a Cambridge pub bathroom–yet does not offer audiences a fuller image of why these are typically therefore present yet so missing in this tale of electronic hypercapitalism. Ebert writes “A subtext the film never reviews on is the omnipresence of appealing women that are asian. Many of them are smart Harvard undergrads, two of these (allied with Sean) are Victoria’s Secret models, one (Christy, played by Brenda Song) is Eduardo’s gf.” The movie depicts Asian females as idle fingers into the electronic industry, respected and included just for their intimate work as hypersexualized, exotic sirens. Continue reading In Media Res