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Trek and Walks

Pack your trekking boots and get ready to push off to the Himalayas!! There's no comparison to trekking in the Himalaya regions of Nepal. Towering

Cultural Tour

Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal is a treasure trove of Newari art that lies hidden behind the concrete buildings that make up much of the city

Biking Tours

Our Mountain Bike wing, its expertise provides you a truly unforgettable Himalayan Biking experience. Whether you are seeking an adventurous off-ro

Family Holidays

Our trips are designed to meet for any type of family groups of all age, from Children to elderly people. This trip offers you a pleasant, leisure

Climbing Trips

Himalayas, has always been a wonder, a subject to fascinating stories of adventure, mountaineering, exploration, myth. Many books have been written

Bird Watching Tours

We offer a wide range of holidays from trekking, rafting, climbing, mountain biking, jungle activities, mountaineering. We have set another leisure

School Holidays

For those who have limited time duration but has the delight of visiting Nepal for cultural, pilgrimage tours and trekking we can set the itinerari

Photography Trips

Nepal a photographic paradise world's richest country in terms of bio-diversity due to its unique geographical position and altitude variation, the

Exploratory / Reconnaissance Trips

A great way of seeing the Himalayan country as Nepal with its massif chain of snow capped mountains and hidden valleys are still to be discovered t

Multi Activity Adventures

Nepal, a Himalayan country nestled in this fabulous hidden corner of the snow capped range with eight of the world's highest mountains, is full of


This beautiful country is full of multiplicity and fascination from the low lands Terai region of Gangetic plains and its lush dense jungle where t